Unlimited Free TXT to Philippines

I have been asked by couple of friends and relatives living abroad if I know some unlimited free text ways to the Philippines, basta nga Pinoy, mahilig sa FREE-LIBRE-FREE! hehe. We can see around the web other free unlimited SMS using iPhones, Android or Nokia OS like famous WhatsApps, Viber and iMessage. But we all know, in the Philippines, especially in provinces, cellphone technology is not as advanced as in other developed countries. Many still use old model cellphones and have less accessible to wifi zones even mobiles are wifi-capable. Not to tell, old folks don’t like to be taught more hi-tech gadgets like my mom! LOL!

Being an internet savvy, I found a lot of free text messaging using web and iPhone. Among those my favorites are MagTXT and TipidTXT. They are all proudly-made Pinoy. The former can be used through web (PC -PH Mobile Phones) and latter used iPhone/iPad – PH Mobile Phones.


This is my favourite and I think the best way to send unlimited Free SMS to love ones in the Philippines using my own computer. As long as you’re connected online, you can send free texts without registration and login required! Hassle Free at No Cost! Visit MagTXT.com and send unlimited SMS now!


This is the same platform as MagTXT.com but it can send 140 characters compared to MagTXT of 100 characters only. Disadvantage though is, website name is hard to remember and prone to miss-type due to hyphen including in it. I strongly suggest you to bookmark the page if you don’t want to memorize it.



If you prefer using your 3G mobile phones to send SMS, you can try TipidTXT.com. Unfortunately, this is only available on iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices at the moment. I downloaded it in App Store for free and tried to SMS my sister’s PH Roaming number and it worked perfectly fine. She received my text in seconds. Sender’s number will be appeared in recipient’s mobile in various numbers. Same goes to MagTXT.com.

So, why not try out yourself? Again, its a free. Absolutely No cost at all! Enjoy!


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